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Entering special characters from the keyboard

AltKeys is a Relocatable Module (RM) for RISC OS, that allows special characters and punctuation marks to be entered from a regular keyboard in a simple and intuitive manner, in addition to the method already provided by the operating system. Pressing the Alt-key briefly enters compose mode after which two keys are pressed to create the desired letter. E.g. Alt (e) (/) produces é.

The following methods are currently supported:

  1. Compose mode (combining two characters into one special character)
  2. ASCII mode (typing the numeric ASCII code whilst holding down Alt) 1
  3. Character mode (entering a single character whilst holding down Alt) 1
  1. This is a standard method provided by RISC OS.

HID   Human Interface Devices
The software can be downloaded freely, by clicking the link below. AltKeys is also distributed as part of the HID application, that is freely available elsewhere on this website. It provides full support for USB keyboards and mice under RISC OS, and comes with full instructions.

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