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RISC OS Software
The software listed below is developed for RISC OS. It can not be used on any other operating system. RISC OS is an open-source operating system that is maintained by RISC OS Open Ltd.

  • AltKeys
    A very useful and invisible module (RM) that can be linked to RISC OS, to allow easy entry of special characters, such as ë, ç, æ, ©, etc. Supplied with full instructions.

  • ConfiX
    A free utility that takes the pain out of creating configuration windows. It is used by most of our own software, but is also available to developers. Comes with full documentation.

  • USBinfo
    A small utility that can be used to view the entire structure of the USB subsystem on your computer in a graphical manner.

  • HID
    A feature-packed USB driver for Human Interface Devices (HID), such as keyboards, mice and joysticks. With support for modern peripherals, such as mice with scroll wheels and Apple keyboards.

  • Serial BlockDrivers
    This is the new support page for the serial BlockDrivers as initially maintained by Hugo Fiennes. The latest release of all available BlockDrivers can be downloaded here and some 32-bit version are already available.

  • Enigma Simulator
    A realistic simulation under RISC OS of the famous Enigma encryption device, as used during WWII by the German army.

  • Tracer Professional
    A no-nonsense bit-map to Draw convertor. Although Tracer only works on black and white images, the results are stunning and truely professional.
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