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USB Printers
Printing protocols used over USB are much the same as older protocols over Parallel or Serial port. The following protocols are currently defined in the USB specification, although you are likely to find that most printers support either protocol 1 or protocol 2.
Icon Class Description RISC OS Info
7_1_1 Unidirectional Standard -
7_1_2 Bidirectional Standard -
7_1_3 IEEE 1284.4 compatible bidirectional - -
7_1_255 Vendor Specific - -
Supported Printers
Below a non-exhaustive list of printers known to work correctly with the IYONIX pc and RISC OS 5. Printers are sorted by brand name.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
7_1_1 04f9 0007 Brother HL1250 Laser Printer -
7_1_1 04f9 0008 Brother HL1270 Laser Printer -
7_1_2 03f0 1904 HP DeskJet 3820 (use HP.DJ850C driver) -
7_1_1 03f0 0717 HP LaserJet 2500L colour laser printer -
7_1_2 06bc 0055 Oki PostScript2 Colour Laser Printer -
We need your help
In order to keep the list above up to date, it is important that you report any new devices to us. Even if the device is currently not supported by the USB software, it is important that we know of any new devices, so that we can update our databases. When reporting a device, it is important to tell us the full class name (e.g. 8_6_80), the Vendor ID, the Product ID and a brief description of the product. Please mark clearly if the device is currently being supported by the software.
 Report new devices

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