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Mass Storage Devices using the SCSI command set
Currently this is the only subclass supported by RISC OS 5 for mass storage devices. It is by far the most popular one as it's also natively supported by the Apple Mac. The following protocols are supported:
Icon Class Description RISC OS Info
8_6_0 Control/Bulk/Interrupt protocol (with command completion) Standard -
8_6_1 Control/Bulk/Interrupt protocol (without command completion) Standard -
8_6_80 Bulk-only transport Standard -
Supported devices - Warning
Before purchasing a Mass Storage Device it is advised to always check the device under RISC OS first. Even if the device reports one of the supported classes (8_6_0, 8_6_1 or 8_6_80) it is not guaranteed to work. Class 8_6_x indicates that the device should support the SCSI protocol. However, some manufacturers have wrongly specified their device to be SCSI compatible, whilst in reality it speaks a different language. Such devices are unlikely to work properly under RISC OS.
 Overview of devices that have been reported NOT to work

Flash card readers
These are devices that can read one or more flash memory cards. They are sorted on Vendor name in alphabetical order. The Vendor name shown in the red column is the brand name that is visible on the package when you buy it. If the name of the actual manufacturer is different, it will be shown in brackets.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
8_6_80 0416 0961 Abe UR60 - 6-in-1 Flash Card Reader More...
8_6_80 55aa b012 Belkin F5U148 - 8-in-1 flash card reader -
8_6_80 55aa b012 Belkin (SCM) F5U142 - Dual Media Reader/Writer (CF/SM) More...
? 0ea0 6803 Buffalo (Ours) Buffalo Clip Drive -
8_6_80 07c4 a400 Datafab KECF-USBG Compact Flash USB card reader More...
? 0892 0301 Diography Flashpen 64MB -
? 08ec 0012 M-Systems Disgo Pen drive -
8_6_80 0c0b 27cb Dura Micro External Multi Flash card Reader (6 in 1) -
? 0c76 0003 Easy disc USB Keyring 16MB -
8_6_80 05e3 0760 Intelligent 6 Flash card reader -
8_6_80 07d0 1106 Jessops SCM Dazzle - USBHS xD/SM Reader (may still cause problems) -
8_6_80 ? ? Laks Wristwatch with memory stick 128MB -
8_6_80 ? ? Leading Driver Leading Driver USB Stick 64MB -
8_6_80 05dc 1002 Lexar Media SmartMedia Reader -
8_6_80 0424 223a Medion / SMSC 8-in1 card reader -
? 08ec 0011 M-Systems Disgo Keyring 64MB -
? ? ? OK Drive USB Keyring 64MB -
8_6_80 55aa b019 OnSpec xD-Picture Card USB Drive (16-256 MB) -
? 04e6 0325 Orca (SCM) DM-8400 - eUSB ORCA Quad Reader -
? 058f 9330 Palm (Alcor) Palm SD/MMC card reader -
? ? ? Scan logic CR-C7-UM -
8_6_80 0c0b 27cb Sitecom (Dura) External Multi Flash card Reader (6-in-1) -
8_6_80 ? ? SmartMedia SmartMedia Card Reader -
8_6_80 0424 20fc (SMSC) (No-name, model CR-T1-U26) 6-in-1 flash card reader -
8_6_80 0aec 3050 Trust (Neodio) Trust 610 - Multi 6-in-1 flash card reader -
8_6_80 ? ? TwinMOS TwinMOS GoGo Egg - SD/MMC card reader -
Other storage devices
Various storage devices are supported by this class, ranging from ZIP drives to portable CD-ROM writers. Devices are sorted on Vendor name.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
8_6_80 07c4 0103 Datafab USB 3.5" External Enclosure (accepts any 3.5" IDE harddisc) FAT16 only More...
8_6_80 059b 0032 Iomega ZIP Drive - 250MB -
8_6_80 059b 0035 Iomega ZIP Drive - 750MB -
? 093b 0000 Plextor PX-S88TU -
The following cameras are know to work under RISC OS 5, sorted on Vendor name. Cameras which are not supported, may contain flash memory cards which can be read by one of the above flash card readers.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
? ? ? Aiptek Pocket DV2 - Miniature pocket camera (JPEG) -
8_6_80 04c8 0726 Konica KD-310Z 3.2 Megapixel Camera (128MB) -
8_6_80 132b 0000 Konica Minolta A2, 8 Megapixel digital camera Info
8_6_80 0d96 5203 Lifetec Digital camera LT41066 (5.18 Megapixels) -
8_6_80 0686 4007 Minolta Dimage S304 - Digital camera -
8_6_80 07b4 0105 Olympus Camedia C-350 Zoom - Digital camera -
8_6_80 ? ? Olympus Camedia C-730 Ultra Zoom - 3.2M pixel camera -
8_6_80 07b4 0105 Olympus Camedia C-3040 Zoom - 3.3M pixel camera -
8_6_80 07b4 0105 Olympus Camedia C-4000 Zoom - 4.0M pixel camera -
8_6_80 07b4 0105 Olympus Camedia C-5050 Zoom - 5.1M pixel camera -
? ? ? Olympus E-10 - Digital SLR camera -
8_6_80 07b4 0102 Olympus E-20p - 5 Megapixel digital camera -
? 04da 2372 Panasonic DMC-LC20 - 2.1M pixel digital camera -
8_6_80 ? ? Pentax Pentax 550 camera -
MP3 Players
Below an overview of the MP3 players supported by RISC OS 5. Please note that playing MP3 files through the computer may not always work well.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
? ? ? Rave MP2300 -
8_6_80 066f 8000 SigmaTel Inc. Yakumo MP3 Player -
8_6_80 0917 0203 Smartdisk Corp Rover Flash Disk (128MB) with MP3 player -
Devices not yet supported (or only partially supported)
Some devices may not work correctly under RISC OS 5 at present although they report themselves as a Mass Storage SCSI Device. In some cases this is caused by the fact that the capacity is too large for the DOS FAT16 filing system. Such problems may be solved in due course as and when support for FAT32 becomes available or when a suitable RISC OS formatter is released.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
8_6_80 05ab 0030 Fujitsu Magneto-optical drive (In-System Design). NOTE: No writing to this device at present. -
8_6_80 0e79 1101 Archos Mini HD-2 -
8_6_80 04cb 0120 Fuji FinePix F700 (shows an icon, but can't be read) -
We need your help
In order to keep the list above up to date, it is important that you report any new devices to us. Even if the device is currently not supported by the USB software, it is important that we know of any new devices, so that we can update our databases. When reporting a device, it is important to tell us the full class name (e.g. 8_6_80), the Vendor ID, the Product ID and a brief description of the product. Please mark clearly if the device is currently being supported by the software.
 Report new devices

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