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This class only contains USB HUBs. HUBs are needed if you want to connect more devices to your USB system than you have connectors available.
Icon Class Description RISC OS Info
9_0_0 HUB Standard -
Below an overview of some external and internal HUBs that have been reported to work well with the IYONIX pc and RISC OS. Please note that the standard USB interface card in the IYONIX pc (PCI card) contains two HUB devices. Devices are sorted on Vendor name in alphabetical order. If the name of the actual manufacturer is different from the vendor, it will be shown in brackets.
Icon Class VID PID Vendor Description Info
9_0_0 050d 0224 Belkin USB 4-Port HUB More...
9_0_0 05e3 0604 Belkin (Genesys) USB 4-Port HUB More...
9_0_0 05e3 0604 Sitecom (Genesys) USB 4-Port HUB -
9_0_0 0409 0058 Sitecom (NEC) USB 4-Port HUB -
9_0_0 04e1 0201 IIyama Monitor, 4-port USB HUB -
9_0_0 0451 1446 Mr USB (TI) Internal 4-port USB HUB -
We need your help
In order to keep the list above up to date, it is important that you report any new devices to us. Even if the device is currently not supported by the USB software, it is important that we know of any new devices, so that we can update our databases. When reporting a device, it is important to tell us the full class name (e.g. 8_6_80), the Vendor ID, the Product ID and a brief description of the product. Please mark clearly if the device is currently being supported by the software.
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