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Universal Configuration Utility
Version 1.57.001 (10 Sep 2023)

ConfiX is a RISC OS utility that can be used by programmers to create a simple, universal and highly configurable interface to an application's settings. ConfiX is generally installed inside the computers !Boot.Resources folder and can be called by multiple applications simultaneously.

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Most RISC OS programs have an option in the iconbar menu, called Preferences, Configure or Choices. When this option is selected, a window will pop up, showing the current settings of the program and allowing these to be changed. As the programming of such windows involves a lot of time on the programmer's behalf, it is often considered a burden when creating applications.

ConfiX is an attempt to solve this problem. All a parent application has to do is call ConfiX, which will then display the options in an attractive set of windows. To make best use of !ConfiX' facilities, the parent application has to obey certain rules, of course. The principle is simple. The main application should hold a text file called '_Config' — that describes all functions in a detailed manner — and a sprite file '_Tabs' that holds the necessary icons.

!ConfiX will take these files and use them to create clear and attractive windows, presenting the program's options. Once changed, the results will be handed back to the parent application in a text file called Config. !ConfiX can be used by many programs at the same time and has to be installed on your harddisc only once. The preferred location is in the !Boot.Resources directory of the harddisc so that it will be 'seen' when the computer is started.

We are encouraging programmers to make use of !ConfiX and have therefore made it freely available from this website. We hope that it will contribute to the already high standard of RISC OS software available. The most recent version of of !ConfiX can always be found on this page.

This image shows an example of a ConfiX window as used by one of our programs. Please click the image to see a more detailed version of it. At the top of the window, a number of TABs are present. These TABs give access to the various configuration windows presented by the program.


As this particular application needs a lot of configurations, an extra row of TABs is inserted at the bottom of the window. These extra TABs allow for sub-divisions and will help to keep the overall window 'tidy', so that no scrolling is necessary. Apart from the TAB-layout shown above, ConfiX offers a range of layout options that can be selected by the user. In addition, applications may force a certain layout when required.

At the bottom of the window are the standard buttons for 'Cancel', 'Save', etc. This is also the default position for the Help-line that provides additional information about the choice currently under the mouse pointer. Pressing
saves the configuration file and sends a message to the application. The configuration file can be in the following formats:

Examples of programs that use !ConfiX
  • USBInfo
    A small but useful application to show the internal origanisation of the various USB devices connected to your computer.

  • HID
    Advanced USB keyboard and mouse drivers. Support for the extra keys found on an Internet keyboard and the scroll wheel found one some mice and keyboards.

  • Enigma
    A simulation of the WW-II coding device as featured in a recent blockbuster movie. Entirely free.

  • Watermark
    Forthcoming image watermarker.
  1. API version 1.21 (01 May 2023)
    Everything you need to use !ConfiX from your own application.
    A new revision, with instructions on how to use the SerialUSB blockdriver is pending.

  2. Useful sprites for TABs (10 Nov 2002)
    Some examples of sprites that can be used to create TABs.
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